Analog projections

Tom Schaek (aka diepvries) is a Belgium based dj and artist creating analog visuals with projections and liquid light techniques.
Liquid light shows (or psychedelic light shows) are a form of light art that surfaced in the early 1960s, mainly performed with overhead and slide projectors and liquid contraptions.

Inside an oilwheel


I’m selling 6” oilwheels. I can also make them on commission. Contact me.

Recent work

WAV 3rd anniversary

Video concept and liquid lightning for the 3rd anniversary teaser of WE ARE VARIOUS.
Music by Vlerk, animation design by @bhilibbe & 3Y logo design by Tom Tosseyn.

Watch on Instagram.


Visuals and decor for the Exit BRZZVLL performance on Podium 19 (presented by Rataplan & AB Concerts).
Decor and moiré projections by Raphaël Vandeputte & Alexandra Van Ruyssevelt.
Liquid projections by Tom Schaek (credited as Tom Schaak).

Stream is available from 22 april 2021 on Podium 19


Tom Schaek
(+32) 0484738461‬